Book Cover & illustration for the Performing Arts in Aceh; MOP MOP.

Artwork Process
From sketching, digitizing, and product mockup.

Sketch & Digital
Huge time and small team
Mop-Mop Book Cover Illustration - ben Nafi-4

The concept that was used as an illustration was the mop-mop show consisting of the syeh (mastermind/violin player), darabaro (bride) and linto (groom). The development of the initial sketch was greatly helped by my colleague Jack (@jack_monarch). Then the illustrations were digitally developed to be applied on the cover of our master’s research book on the Aceh Performing Art, MOP-MOP,  T. Zulfajri (@tejo_cemara).


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Thanks to colleagues who helped and mentor teachers.
Thank you very much for appreciating and following our work.

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