Putroe Neng

Putroe Neng. Teater ‘RONGSOKAN’ Aug 05, 2022 Along with the exploration of aesthetics and ethics,¬†@teaterrongsokan¬†has wildly deconstructed ‘Putroe Neng’ both in text, subtext, and even the appearance of the character has gone to the extreme of what we could have imagined. This slide is a portrait of Putroe Neng’s figure where we do not recommend… Continue reading Putroe Neng

Catalog of 3D Craft Artwork Exhibition (NIRMANA TRIMATRA)

Cover Catalog Nirmana Trimatra

Here is a collection of artwork that I created for an assignment that I collected in an artwork catalog. Infinite gratitude to all the help from various individuals, especially friends who support and mentors who guided this lecture.