Hello, I’m Ben Nafi. A graphic designer and artist from Aceh, Indonesia. I am an educated designer from a state university in the visual communication design study program.

I enjoy working creatively with a simple, clean, yet evocative finish. I work as a professional graphic designer for projects from various businesses as well as government and am involved in many events. I also frequently collaborate on arts and culture with the local creative community.

I also produce graphic content for broad use which you can download on my page and marketplace.


The way I create works

Quality has always been my main concern. Armed with more than 10 years of experience, I continue to innovate to create products that suit the needs and developments.

For me, customer and user satisfaction is paramount.

beauty brochure layout bennafi

If you see something you like, check out my shop, where you can order items from your favorite works.

Never get in the way of your vision, maybe I can help you make it happen, give us a call so we can talk about it and see if we fit in!


It’s as easy as you shop around my product collection or contact me for further talks.
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